Analysis: Global Immigration Provider vs Decentralized Providers for Your Organization

By Michelle LePage

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From our experience, multinational organizations working with multiple vendor contacts around the world and having dozens of contacts and cases often leads to challenges such as:

1) an inconsistent user experience for employees and company global mobility/HR

2) inefficiency in business with different HR contacts having different preferred suppliers and heavy administrative burdens and responsibilities

3) gaps in data tracking

4) compliance risks 

5)  higher fees/costs

As a corporate employer who is managing immigration into more than one country, there are many advantages to working with a global provider, like GMP. 

The key points of US centralization and global reach

  1. Consistent Communication –  Working with the GMP team for immigration into multiple countries provides you with a consistent experience and contact person regardless of the destination country or case type. You know who to call! Our e-mails are clear and detailed and timely. Our document templates are comprehensive. Our US team is easy to reach, tech savvy, responsive and educated in how our clients like to do business. Each in-country vendor operates on different language skill level and attention to detail levels as well as response times. Our team works to clarify requirements and process and then tailor the email guidance into clear concise instructions for busy employees and HR professionals. 
  2. Time-zones – Coordinating global immigration from North America allows us to provide a “local” service where the majority of our clients are based. This allows for us to more easily schedule calls to talk through options, processes and requirements and be available in urgent circumstances. It also means that we can work on your cases for longer – our vendor partners in local time zones can be taking action while you sleep and our US consultants can keep the application process moving once they hit their desks in their working hours. 
  3. YOUR specifications – Every company has their preferences around communication, invoicing, reporting etc. as in line with their company values and best practices. Our team is split across client accounts, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the protocols that you expect. 
  4. Supply Chain Management – Utilizing multiple vendors in various locations requires supply chain management – a full-time job in itself!  We handle the selection, onboarding, training and contractual obligations on our clients’ behalf – mitigating risk and promoting efficiency and cost savings. We’ve got years of experience in vetting immigration providers from Argentina to Zambia and understand the nuances of building quality local partnerships.  We have nurtured relationships with our vendors over many years and deliver regular client specific training to their teams and ensure adherence to SLAs (in addition to the foreign invoicing and payment expectations). 
  5. Diverse Knowledge Management  – Years of experience managing immigration cases in dozens of countries gives our in-house US team a working knowledge on multiple business, work and residence authorization categories into those countries. GMP has built and works to maintain a robust internal knowledge library that the US team has access to and can share with clients as an immediate overview. Our team stays up to date on immigration changes and alerts across the countries that they service. Some examples of how we provide value would be:
  • Exploring all visa categories/options across jurisdictions
  • Reviewing changes in minimum salary thresholds, government processing times and requirements and quotas
  • Understanding of required documents, systems and the general immigration categories available for corporate clients
  • Understanding the nuances of government regulations and websites
  • Insight into the pros and cons of consular vs in-country application filing routes
  1. Centralized System – All GMP consultants update cases in ONE case management software. This means your data is centralized, secure and up to date. Gone are the days of seven different excel spreadsheets maintained in local jurisdictions with contradictory information. You can log into the GMP system at any time to view and track all of your global immigration cases in one place, check expiration dates, pull reports and manage budgets. This enhances efficiency and compliance and minimizes local administrative burden and errors. 
  2. Escalation Contacts – Our US team is managed from within the US and unexpected situations and red flags will have attention and focus from our senior US based leadership. We are experienced in strategy and problem solving across jurisdictions and are available to jump on calls with stakeholders to discuss actions and options within hours. 
  3. Economy of Scale – Due to the large volume that we bring from ALL of our clients to our trusted in-country partner vendors, we are able to receive a service that is often not possible for one solitary company. For example, our partners provide us with certain guaranteed response times, discounted volume rates, etc. which takes time and effort to implement and enforce. It is often difficult for small volume accounts to receive the same level of service as larger volume accounts, and we bridge the gap here regardless of your volume by country.
  4. Consolidated Invoicing – We invoice all matters in USD from the US and can flex to consider invoice requirements e.g. purchase orders/references numbers. As such, clients reap the benefits of receiving invoices in one currency and from one country, rather than dealing with the complexities of invoicing and payments across multiple countries. 
  5. Holistic Approach – Because we have oversight of all of your locations, we can assist in developing a holistic immigration strategy across countries that aligns with overall business objectives and international talent mobility. 


Who is Global Mobility Partners? 

GMP is a boutique corporate immigration service provider with a sole focus on global (non-US) immigration. We provide strategic services with a personal touch and work with a network of qualified vendor partners to provide immigration services for short and long- term international assignments. We also provide business travel advice and business visa support.  

The GMP team is based in the US to match our clients’ time zone and language preferences and to streamline the service delivery to our US based clients no matter where they need to go. We love to simplify immigration operations for our clients – from handling communication, calls, escalations, to centralized invoicing, reporting and compliance. We have established relationships with local in-country expert immigration professionals, attorneys and qualified migration consultants  (“vendors”) in key international destinations over the course of many years to combine consistency in service delivery with local expertise and connection. 

Working with vendors in global locations allows us to tap into local expertise and reputation as well as offer our clients a personalized and committed service in both the country of destination and departure including document review and translation, accompaniment to local authorities and assistance with local nuances and complexities. 

Being a US based company with global partnerships gives our clients the best of both worlds as our in-house consultants and contracted global vendors work together to close data gaps, mitigate risks and support employees, line managers and HR with visas, document procurement and processing, work and residence authorizations, corporate adjustments and immigration compliance in ONE case management system and ONE provider.  Together we ensure that the immigration experience is as simple, straightforward, and consistent for our clients as possible.

The vendor partnership involves a due diligence process around ethics, compliance, technology, international data protection regulations and service levels. We personally interview and onboard each vendor, ensuring adherence to both local and international laws, service levels and cost efficiency. We consolidate immigration updates, alerts, costs and case details on our clients’ behalf to ensure a real time overview for their workforce. 

We are confident that our model as a single source solution / single point of contact is the best approach. We hope to be able to service our clients for many years to come with the utmost attention to their unique needs.

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