Law Firm Immigration Solutions

Global Immigration Partner

We partner with US immigration law firms to offer outbound immigration services for your clients. We take the burden of coordinating global immigration off of you so that you can stay focused on your core competency; US Immigration. By outsourcing (partnering with GMP) your clients global work to us, the fixed costs associated with having an in-house coordination team can be eliminated without the need to compromise services. We enable small/medium sized immigration law practices to offer the same comprehensive global services as their larger competitors without having to assign in-house resources or build/manage a global footprint.


For those who already provide global services:

  •  Reduce time spent on global work so that you can focus on your most profitable revenue stream – US immigration
  • Eliminate the need to have in-house staff coordinating global work, freeing them up to work on your more profitable US immigration work
  • Improved client experience with our knowledgeable global coordinators acting as a single point of contact
  • Eliminate the complexity of dealing first hand with numerous providers and international billing

For those who do not already provide global services:

  • Expanded services for your clients without the need to allocate current resources/hire additional employees
  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Increase your competitiveness against those already providing global service