Global Parking: A Solution to H-1B Cap Denials

What is global parking?

The relocation of an employee to an employer’s affiliate outside of the U.S. In the event an employee is not selected in the H-1B Cap lottery, seeking an alternative abroad to “park” the talent is a common strategy.

Why would a company choose to park an employee abroad?

H-1B Cap applicants are highly skilled and specialized workers; therefore, companies can often justify the investment of relocating an employee abroad. It is important to retain talent and keep business operations running smoothly, or risk losing talent to a competitor. 

What if the long-term plan is for the employee to work in the United States?

Global parking opens the door to alternative U.S. immigration options such as the L-1B and L-1A Intra-company Transfer visas, which are not subject to a lottery.  Parking talent outside of the U.S. may make the employee eligible to return to the U.S. under the Intra-company Transfer category.

Which companies meet the criteria for global parking?

Companies typically must have an affiliate entity in the destination country of choice in order to park an employee there. However, some solutions exist for countries such as utilizing a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) who act as a co-employer and place the employee on their local contract and payroll.

How can we assist?

We are available to strategize with your company to determine which destination your employee(s) might be best placed. We offer in-depth analysis for employers who wish to consider global parking their employees, and we specialize in strategizing on the best solutions.

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