Integrate your global immigration and travel planning under one system.

Introducing our Global Immigration tool, built on top of Now small and mid size immigration firms can compete with the bigger players.

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Global Immigration Tracker

Group Travel Organizer

Country Knowledge Database

Global Immigration Tracker

Case Management

Centralize all immigration cases in one platform, streamlining workflows and eliminating the need for using multiple case management systems.

Data-Driven Insights

Access real-time analytics on expenses, case statuses, department breakdowns, and more, enabling informed decision-making and resource allocation.

Proactive Compliance

Ensure you never miss important deadlines, helping to stay compliant with government regulations.

Enhanced Collaboration

Reduce miscommunication and delays, and simplify collaboration among team members through a centralized platform.

Elevated Client Experience

Optimize immigration processes to offer a seamless and expedited experience, enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty.

Competitive Edge

Compete with larger firms on a more level playing field, maximizing resources and expanding capabilities.We think about the tool as a strategic partner, enabling your  practice  to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and offer a superior immigration management experience for you and your clients

Group Travel Organizer

Centralize the document checklists

No more sending lengthy emails with lists of required documents. The tool displays all the necessary documents  clearly and organized, from passport photos to resumes.

Provide an overview

It shows a complete view of all employees involved in the trip, their nationalities, places of residence, and planned travel dates.

Facilitate collaboration

All team members can collaborate and upload documents from a single platform. Great for avoiding back and forth emails and confusion.

Ensure privacy

The tool allows sensitive information to be hidden from specific users, ensuring data confidentiality.

Simplify the process

The platform allows employees to upload their information and documents. They can complete an online form and attach the necessary documents without logging in.

Streamline administration

HR managers or project leaders can quickly and easily review and approve documents, saving valuable time and resources.

Country Knowledge Database

World Clock

Stay connected with real-time updates on time zones for each country.

Comprehensive Country Insights

Review information on work permit types, visas, and more, all available for download and easy sharing with your team.

Business Visitor Rules

Access essential information for business travelers, streamlining communication and eliminating the need for endless questions.

Employer of Record (EOR) Information

Discover if it’s possible to utilize EOR services to hire foreign nationals within a specific country. 

Spousal Work Authorization

At a glance see if accompanying spouses are authorized to work in a country.

Direct Communication

Connect directly with our team for any questions or clarifications, creating a personalized knowledge database tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Simplify Global Immigration For Your Clients

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